Bedrijfsscan nodig?


Bookkeeping service


If you live in the Netherlands, but don't not understand the language completely?
Do not worry, we can help you with that. We can help you with all of your paperwork (like health insurance, or housing allowance ), and make calls for you.

We will help you with your health and rental benefits (zorg- en huurtoeslag), but also make sure that we fill in your yearly tax forms.
For 30 euro a month, we do the following:

- Assist you with all the correspondence that are in Dutch
- Make sure that you receive (if possible) housing allowance (huurtoeslag)
- If possible we can check if you can receive care allowance (zorgtoeslag)
- Help you with Tax forms
- Explanation of letters or mails that you receive from organizations that are in Dutch
- We will help you with calls that need to be made to different organizations
- you can call, mail, text, or app us. We try to reply within 3-4 hours.